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Service Details

Need a little more explanation of my services? Here are the details to help you select the best services for the success of your business.

Consulting Services

My consulting services involve focused attention on research, insights, strategy development and recommendations for future success.


Review account set-up, campaign set-up, website & conversion tags, campaign structure, targeting (keywords, audiences, locations), budgets & pacing, and recommend actions for resolution & improvement

Market Research

Research keyword & search trends, compare competitors’ plans (keywords, ads, and webpages), assess competitive position (market share), and recommend SEM strategy

Search/PPC Plan

Research keyword & search trends, compare competitors’ plans (keywords, ads, and webpages), define keyword match criteria, organise keywords into ad groups and campaigns, compose responsive search ads (RSAs), prepare ad extensions, define audience and location targets, outline campaign strategy, including budget distribution

Strategy Plan

Research keyword & search trends, competitor comparison (keywords, ads, webpages), competitive position (market share), recommend campaign structure, budget, audience targets, KPIs, conversion rate optimisation strategy

Landing Page Audit

Review landing page design (fonts, buttons, colours, media), message and experience, and recommend steps to resolve friction, and improve user engagement and conversion rate

Confirm G4NP and Google Ad Grant eligibility
Provide region-specific instructions for TechSoup Validation
Complete application for a Google for Non-Profit account
Complete application for the Google Ad Grant
Issue a detailed list of compliance parameters

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