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How Your Non-Profit Can Get $10,000 Free Advertising Every Month

Updated: Mar 13

$10,000 Per Month in Google Advertising can help a charity organisation succeed

Google For Nonprofits is a program, which offers eligible organisations access to Google products and discounts that help solve the challenges nonprofits face.

With Google Ad Grants, nonprofits organisations get $10,000 every month to:

  • raise awareness

  • attract donors

  • recuit new volunteers

  • mobilise supporters

Step #1 - Make sure you are eligible

To be eligible for a Google for Non-profits account, an organisation must: Be registered as a charitable organisation in one of the listed countries. All organisations must be verified as a non-profit organisation by TechSoup or the local TechSoup partner.

Meet the requirements in its own country. Find your country in the list to review the requirements.

Step #2 - Meet the local requirements

Organisations must qualify as one of these:

  • charities

  • tax exempt non-profit organisations operating on a non-profit basis for the public benefit

  • federal not-for-profit corporations

  • provincial non-profits"Include quotes by experts in your post to add credibility."

In Canada, the organisations must be currently registered with TechSoup Canada, TechSoup Global's regional arm.

Step #3 - Apply for a TechSoup Validation Token

Validation tokens can only be created by the TechSoup Canada account holder and only issued to someone who is authorised to represent the non-profit.

Validation tokens expire after 60 days; it is best to create them only when they are needed.

Step #4 - Become TechSoup Verified

  • If you do not have a TechSoup Validation Token, then you must apply for one.

  • If your non-profit has not been validated by TechSoup Canada, you must first register.

The TechSoup Canada program is open to charities, libraries and non-profits incorporated under specific Acts of legislation.

Take three (3) quick steps to become TechSoup verified:

  1. Sign up as an individual

  2. Register your organisation

  3. Submit documents

If you are submitting a branch application, then enter the parent organisation’s name and separate your brand location with a hyphen.

Step #5 - Apply for Google Ad Grants

If you already have a Google for Non-profits account, then use the G4NP login email for the Google Ad Grant application. Else, use a Gmail address that is not yet associated with a Google Ad Grant account.

There are some website requirements that you must satisfy to complete the Google Ad Grants application.

Complete a list of questions about:

  • georgraphic focus

  • annual fundraising goals

  • annual marketing budget

  • marketing ang fundraising channels

After the form is submitted, the review typically takes 3 business days. If you are approved, then Google Ad Grants will be activated.

Start Advertising on Google Ads!

After completing these steps, you can start advertising with $10,000 budget each month! This funding can go a long way in transforming and growing your organisation's impact.

Running a successful Google Ads campaign takes some Search Engine Marketing expertise, especially to stay compliant with the Grant policy. If you need help with your Grants application and marketing campaign, then reach out to me at

Share this article or this slide presentation with your network to spread the word to other nonprofits, so that more organisations can make a big difference in the world!


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